We suggesting buying your competition heels as early as possible, it's import to practice in them daily so you are confident on stage. Find out the rules for your federation as each one has different restrictions for platform and heel height.

Keep in mind the soles are white so if you've fake tanned wear a stocking whilst practicing to keep them from discolouring before you get on stage.

Shoes should be tight at first, we recommend GENTLY heating the plastic to warm so that it stretches and moulds to the shape of your foot. If you are in between sizes, we suggest sizing down. Your heel should rest within 0.5cm of the back of the shoe, shoes that are too big will be wobbly and also noisy on stage, and you may even slip out of the front once they've stretched.

The clear plastic can be warmed to stretch to your foot. If you have a wider foot we suggest COCKTAIL 5" or ASPIRE 6" for wider fit styles.

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