Our sizing is in Australian Sizes which is the same as US Sizes from our supplier. We recommend choosing your Australian size in any open toe shoes and going 1 size up in all closed toe shoes and boots If you are unsure of your correct size please contact us at info@highheels.com.au and we are happy to assist you further.

Mens Sizing

Generally for men’s sizes we recommend adding two sizes to your male shoe size for open toe shoes and 3 sizes for closed toe shoes.(e.g. Men’s size 10 would be ladies size 12 in open toe, and size 13 in closed toe.) This conversion is rough guide and not always accurate because factors such as foot width etc.info@highheels.com.au If you are unsure of which size to order please contact us at info@highheels.com.au so we can help you

In Between Sizes

We sell foot halters that push the foot back in shoe, these are great for shoes that are a little on the big side, Uncomfortable or if your toes are coming forward in the shoe the halter will keep them back.